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Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein

Dear friends of the Global Food Summit,

PwC, Rabobank and Temasek have conducted a study on food development in Asia. The facts until 2030 are quickly summarized: a population growth of 250 million people, share of urban dwellers at a good 60%, post-harvest losses currently at about 40%. China alone accounts for more than 26% of the world's protein demand, but rising incomes will lead to a further increase in protein demand, as people will be able to afford a more balanced diet. The current total food expenditure in Asia of USD 4 trillion is expected to more than double in the next decade. Innovations are desired in order to be able to produce more sustainably. 

One figure stands out: the proportion of young people in the population. Within the Asia-Pacific region, the millennials and "Generation Z" make up around 46% of the population and will continue to have a strong influence on consumer behavior.

This generation is a driver of progress because it demands a diet that is not only sufficiently available but also meets the demands for taste, traceability, values and quality.

Therefore, agriculture is challenged. We are delighted to welcome the Singapore Food Agency with its chairman Lim Chuan Poh. He will explain the solutions to the problems mentioned above that the Asian metropolis is currently working on. 

If we compare the challenges in Europe with those in Asia, the number of young people once again plays a decisive role here: only 26% of the EU population is under 25 years of age. In a shrinking society, we are discussing renunciation of protein intake, reduction in food intake and the stop of yield optimization in agriculture. 

Innovations are difficult to imagine in this environment. 

Yours sincerely,
Unterschrift Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein



Interview with Prof. Dr. Stefan Pelzer and Dr. Alfred Petri from Evonik
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"Farm animals should be able to utilize their feed in the best possible way and remain healthy without antibiotics," says Prof. Dr. Stefan Pelzer, head of the "Gut Health & Diagnostics" innovation unit in the Animal Nutrition Business Line of Evonik. As a speaker, he will provide exciting insights into the work of the company and into current projects and research results. We asked him and his colleague Dr. Alfred Petri, Head of Precision Livestock Farming, questions about their work.

Dr.Petri, what role will AI play in herd management in the future to improve animal welfare and health?

The Precision Livestock Farming system already has a high potential per se to improve animal welfare and animal health. This is achieved primarily by the continuous provision of "real-time" data such as images or sensor data from stables, which allow deviations from the target condition to be detected and corrected immediately. In addition, monitoring of the herd can be used to detect diseases before they break out. This allows intervention to take place more quickly and more gently. If this data from a large number of farms is then combined and used to generate algorithms in the context of artificial intelligence (AI), there are further possibilities to improve the well-being of farm animals. How quickly and widely these new systems will be used in herd management for dairy cows, pigs and poultry will depend not least on the willingness of consumers to focus their product selection at the shop counter accordingly.

Read the full interview here  

News of the Month

Picture: innovate!

New network partnership with innovate!

We have a new partner, more precisely, a new network partner: innovate! 
The convention has become one of the most important meeting places for the start-up scene in Lower Saxony and takes place annually in Osnabrück.
We are looking forward to working together and have asked innovate! to introduce themselves briefly:

"How can the German food and agricultural industry manage to turn inventions into innovations? At the innovate! X, medium-sized companies, start-ups, research, education and politics come together with one goal in mind: To innovate successfully together instead of imitating. Integrate acquired knowledge into the regional economy and use the resulting synergy effects sustainably.

Would you like to become part of a network that thinks progress is sustainable and supports each other? Then visit innovate! X on October 28 and 29, 2020 in Osnabrück. Let yourself be carried away by innovative thoughts and inspired by disruptive ideas. Meet your future partners, investors and other forward thinkers!
You will find further information at www.innovate-os.de."


Global Food Summit on the Road

A visit to the GAFFA
16- 18

This year we were again at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) from January 16 and 18, 2020. We were particularly pleased to meet Dr. Máximo Torero Cullen, Assistant Director-General, Economic and Social Development Department (ES) of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the GFFA. He presented the concept of an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture
"We welcome FAO's efforts in connection with this concept and call on FAO bodies to support the process of its establishment," said the GFFA in the final declaration. On March 25, 2020 Dr. Máximo Torero Cullen will co-open the Global Food Summit in Munich.



On the podium at the Alphazirkel


Preparing companies for the future


The Alphazirkel, the forum for family entrepreneurs, invited to a discussion round on January 23, 2020 at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich on the topic "What else can we eat? On the podium was Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, Head and Founder of the Global Food Summit. His conclusion of the event: "It was a highly exciting discussion that showed that technical progress already enables solutions for sustainable food production. We just have to let it happen and try it out."


On February 5, 2020 Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein gave a lecture on food innovations at the winter seminar of the Arbeitskreis Unternehmensführung in the Diepholz-Nienburg-Verden area. On the topic of "Food for a changing society", the participants were particularly interested in identifying changes and mastering the challenges facing companies in the agricultural sector.

Upcoming Events


Becker-Sonnenschein travels to innovation fair in Israel


Speech at the Genossenschaftsverband Bayern


Always looking for innovations. From February 23 to 26, 2020 Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein, Head and Founder of the Global Food Summit, plans to travel to Israel to participate in the innovation fair "Israel Industry 4.0". The "II4 Week" is the central B2B event in Israel for companies involved in the Internet of Things (IoT). And Israel is one of the world's largest IoT players. New industrial manufacturing of the future, but also new methods of agriculture and food production will bear Israeli hallmarks to a large extent. Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein wants to get his own impression of this as a member of a delegation from the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy. Bavaria is this year's state partner of the II4 Week.


On February 28 and 29, 2020 the honorary members of the executive and supervisory boards of dairy cooperatives will meet in Grainau. Prof. Dr. Regina Birner from the Hans Ruthenberg Institute for Agricultural Sciences in the Tropics will open the meeting with a lecture: "Global food security and sustainable development - dairy cattle farming in an international perspective".
Afterwards, Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein from the Global Food Summit will present: "Between desire and reality: future trends in laboratory meat and more".


We are pleased to announce the following speakers who have accepted our invitation to the Global Food Summit 2020:

Dr. Anke Kwast

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Institution: Yara International

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Thema: Healthy soils, a prerequisite for nutritious food

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Position: Head of Product and Application R&D

Sophie Ryan (tbc)

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Institution: Global Salmon Initiative GSI

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Thema: Role of aqua culture in sustainable diets

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Position: CEO

Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman

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Institution: BIOTOPIA - Natural History Museum Bavaria

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Thema: Food and the planetary emergency

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Position: Founding Director


Digital farming with 365FarmNet

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Maximilian von Löbbecke is both speaker and sponsor at the Global Food Summit 2020. 
His company 365FarmNet is active in the field of precision farming and supports farmers in digital farm management, enabling them to optimize their operations and processes. This not only simplifies documentation, but also enables farmers to plan crop rotations and fertilisation, field routes and much more in a more targeted manner by evaluating the data.
We are already looking forward to hearing Maximilian von Löbbecke's speech on the subject of "Digital Farming: Hype meets Reality".

Protein and natural antibiotics from lobster shells

Innovationen NewsPicture: Cigala Tech

Lobsters, shrimps, crabs - their meat is considered a delicacy by many people. But the edible part of the animals is in strong disproportion to the amount of residues left over from the preparation, the hard, indigestible shells. Worldwide, between six and ten million tons of these are produced annually. Waste? Not at all. Rather, it is a valuable raw material that is still largely lost unused. Professor Thomas Brück from The Technical University of Munich plans to speak at the next Global Food Summit in Munich in March about new ways to recover this treasure.

Please also read the article here 


The abstracts at the Global Food Summit 2020

It is official: The deadline for the Call for Abstracts passed on January 31, 2020. We would like to thank for 15 contributions, which have all been accepted and already been published on our homepage. 
In addition to publication on our homepage, the abstracts and posters will also be presented for two days at the Global Food Summit. The highlight there will be the poster tour on March 26, 2020.

This year, for the first time, the winners of the first national abstract competition from Bangladesh will be in Germany. The competition has been initiated by Dr. S M Abdul-Awal, Professor of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering at the University of Khulna. We congratulate Fabliha Bashashat Rodosy, Rahagir Salekeen and Ramisa Nowshin, who beat nine other finalists in the final on January 21 this year. The three winners of the competition will be travelling to Germany in March and introduce themselves at the Global Food Summit. Their trip is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development with the help of the "ONEWORLD without hunger" programme.

Here you can learn more about the accepted abstracts as well as the abstracts from Bangladesh.

Finalists of the Audience Award 2020 nominated

The finalists of the Audience Award at the Global Food Summit 2020 in Munich have been determined. Eight participants have been selected from the pool of applications, who will pitch for the Audience Award 2020 on March 25, 2020 from 2 to 4 pm.

We congratulate the finalists on their nomination and look forward to seeing them: Faromatics (EST), Knärzje (GER), Biotrem (PL), Spoontainable (GER), Completeorganics (GER), Meet Jack (NL), MenuTech (GER) and Cepri (GER)

On February 3, the start-up jury consisting of Professor Justus Wesseler (Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy), Stephan Becker-Sonnenschein (Founder, Head of Project), Marion Meyer (Head of Corporate Business Delevopment, BayWa), Professor Martina Schraudner (Member of the Board, acatech), Dr. Johanna Braun (Innovation, Venture and Sustainability Consultant), Professor Thomas Becker (TU Munich, Weihenstephan) and Dr. Simon Reitmeier (Managing Director of the Nutrition Cluster, Kulmbach Bavaria) met.

We are curious to see which start-ups will convince the audience in March.

Find more information about the start-ups here.

f3 barn talk in cooperation with the Global Food Summit: Food of the future

Highlights unser SponsorenPicture: f3

Between vertical farming and alternative protein sources - on March 24, 2020 everything in Munich will revolve around the nutrition of the future.

f3, the magazine for intelligent innovations in the fields of agriculture, food, forestry and energy, is taking a look at current and future trends in the agricultural and food scene together with us as its cooperation partner. Here you can find the program and the registration for the event.

We talked to Eva Piepenbrock, f3's head of editing, about the barn evening and about changes in agriculture.

Read the interview here.

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